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Dental Practice SEO: Client Case Study Results

How we took a simple and stagnant dental practice website and turned it into a patient generating business asset in less than four months. Please, trust in this data and us, because we care immensely for all of our clients and work hard at this process to bring success to the businesses of each and every one of our clients.

IMPORTANT UPDATE as of 02/15: Since writing this case study, this dental practice client is now receiving over 250 visits to their website per month!!! How would you like that type of website traffic?!?!?!


Dr. Demming, DDS., has been the proud owner of a dental practice in Indianapolis for over 25 years, specializing in general & cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Demming had never engaged in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or any other form of Internet Marketing for his practice’s website prior to engaging with us. Their website was receiving a pre-campaign baseline of three website visits per month as of March 2014 when we began our efforts.

The Patient Spring: Results At a Glance

Maryland Dentist SEO







Less than four months into our SEO campaign, we increased the monthly website traffic from three visits to 30 visits per month. That’s a 1,000% increase in website traffic in less than four months.

As of October 2014 their website has received over 90 website visits from potential patients who are in their service area and searching for dentists and related services. That’s a 3,000% increase in website traffic from when we began our campaign. As the month of October plays out, that number will surely climb to over 100 site visits. By November 2014 we would expect an increase of over 4,000% in targeted and relevant website traffic.

More importantly, the website went from ranking for ZERO local service or product related keywords to ranking for 19 keywords in Google (this is a big deal and what fuels the websites patient acquisition from relevant local internet searches by potential customers in the area). Of the 19 keywords, we are ranked on the FIRST PAGE of Google for 15 of them (that’s 79%).

Our client has reported that as of last month his website is generating 10 to 15 new clients per month for his practice.

Now, Let’s Talk Money

If we assume the annual value of a patient is around $1,000 to Dr. Demming, and the website is now providing at least 10 new patients per month, that means his practice has generated an additional $120,000+ of revenue per year. At 15 new patients per month, we are looking at an additional $180,000+ in revenue over a 12 month period.

The Strategy

In order to achieve Dr. Demming’s client and revenue growth objectives, we increased traffic flow to their site by utilizing local SEO strategies as well as Google Local optimization.

Ongoing Tactics employed to achieve these results include:

Website Audit/Review & Team Strategy Session
We evaluate how the site currently stands before creating a strategy.

Keyword and Competitor Research
We identify relevant keywords to target for the website.

Google Local Page Creation & Registration
We enable the company to show up in the maps section of Google Local searches.

On-Website SEO
We setup the site just the way Google and the search engines want it to be.

Off-Website SEO
We work on getting other websites to link back to the website.

Website Conversion Optimization
We make adjustments to the website so it more effectively converts website visitors into active leads – This is critical to the success of any SEO program.

Google Local Review Gathering
We assisted in the creation and registration of their Google listing. Having reviews and being seen in Google Local maps is critical to reputation management, brand growth and awareness, as well as credibility validity.


We employed an internet marketing strategy that contributed to 3,000% growth in organic traffic to the dental practices website to date. In less than four months of beginning our SEO campaign we increased their traffic over 1,000%.

New client acquisition from their website went from zero to 10 – 15 new patients per month. Based on current projections, traffic estimates could reach over 130 website visits per month by November 2014,  therein potentially increasing new patient acquisition to well over 15 new paying customers per month. We grew the practices keyword rankings from zero keywords to 19 local dental service related keywords being ranked for in Google today.

It’s still very early in their SEO campaign and we expect increased and exponential growth in website traffic, new patient leads and business revenue as we continue our search engine optimization efforts. Some niches, like cannabis has been booming recently in this state maryland medical cannabis  just got legalized so it will produce a ton of traffic. The cannabis industry has soared ever since the first state legalization of it in 2012 and you can expect to see it grow even more soon.

This client is available as a reference only to businesses who have shown very strong intentions in working with us. We do this as to not waste the time of our clients, and you can expect the same courtesy if you become a client of ours as well.

The name and practice location of this client has been changed for client confidentiality purposes.

If you are interested in a consultation regarding increasing your businesses client acquisition and revenue growth by improving upon your websites ranking and online visibility, click here for a free consultation.
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